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Mastery Productions LLC. is a production and artist representation company.

Mastery Productions LLC brings excellence to artist development and productions. We represent a diverse group of exceptional international performers, musicians, artists, film industry professionals, technology and business personnel, actors, models, and dancers. We represent them as they feature their creative works to customers in the USA.

O-1 VISA SPONSORSHIP:  We have been proudly sponsoring O-1 Visa and P Visas for qualifies professionals since 2010.


ABOUT EYAL MAOZ - FOUNDER: Eyal Maoz, owner and a renowned musician, is part of, among many others renowned productions, the Caught In The Rhythm 2023 Grammy ballot album (Spoken Word Best Album and Best Liner Notes Album). Additionally, he was invited three times to perform and conduct masterclasses in collaboration with the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, sonosred by the US Department of State, at venues including  the 
London School of Public Relations
YMJ Tangerang Music School, @America Jakarta, and more.

In the News: Mastery Productions at Vents Magazine.


MORE ABOUT US: Mastery Productions is a productions and representation company whose voice developed across a distinctive collection of all genres of arts, performances and productions mediums.


Mastery Productions works across a hybrid of mediums to produce and represent the most innovative work in entertainment and other fields. 

We have been proudly sponsoring O-1 and P Visas for qualifies professionals since 2010, as the Agent representing both the Beneficiary and his / her emloyer/s.


Our represented artists have been featured in productions at such events and organizations as Chant Records Festival @ Nublu, NYC, The U.S. Embassy's American Cultural Center -  Jakarta, Indonesia,  the Alchemical Theatre Dance Laboratory, NYC, and the Maoz (US) - Sirkis (UK) Duet: Part III - Secret Unit album release - worldwide, and the to name a few.

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2024 Eyal Maoz South Asia tour including numerous concerts in Bangkok Thailand with One Man Standing and Eyal Maoz's Time Travel.


February 28, 2024: Eyal Maoz's doublew feature at Brooklyns Main Drag Music, Brooklyn, NYC music series with the Sci Fi Band and the Electric Guitars Quartet.


The 2020 Loop Festival - Jan 19, 2020  Bangkok, Thailand


The U.S. Embassy's American cultural center -  Jakarta, Indonesia: @america   - featuring Eyal Maoz (2019)


Stone Residency, curated by John Zorn, a MacArthur Fellowship ('Genius Award') recipient

Part III: Secret Unit, by Eyal Maoz (US) and Asaf Sirkis (UK). Listen here. See our event here.



It's the GRAMMY ballot season...and Eyal Maoz was a part of

Benjamin Boone's CAUGHT IN THE RHYTHM, which is on the Grammy ballot in the “Spoken Word” category for Best Album and Best Liner Notes.

See DIrector / Producer Amanda Sayegs' IMDB page, including awards, nominations, and credits.

Check out Actress / Model Selynne Silvers (LA) recent press reviews.

See the works of Digital Visual Artist Ron Erlih at The New York Optimist, and also at the US Department of State publication. 

Browse through Makeup Artist Joanna Faivres review, here. 

Explore the works of renonwed Illustrator Yifan Wu. 

2022 EFG Trio with Grammy Award winner Frank London and renowned composer Guy Barash is out on Orenda Records.


2021 GRAMMY AWARD NEWS: Eyal Maoz is featured at Benjamin Boone's 2021 GRAMMY AWARD shortlisted album The Poets Are Gathering (Origin Records) as the Best Spoken Word Album, and Best the Engineered Non-Classical Album, as well as for Song of The Year!  


Solo concert pieces at Scholes Street Studio

Alchemical Theatre Laboratory

Guidong Zhou (dance) and Eyal Maoz (music) duet. 104 W 14th Street, NYC

October 26-29, Chant Records Festival at Nublu, 62 Ave. C, New York City, NY

2018: April 21-May 1 - Hypercolor live in the West Coast, including concerts in Irvine University, Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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